Bunions: What You Need To Know

Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body. Though often overlooked, your feet provide you with support and keep you mobile. When you fail to care for your feet properly, medical concerns like the development of a bunion can occur.

Bunions 101

This condition is often the result of wearing shoes that are too small. When you wear shoes that are inappropriately sized, this puts excess pressure on the bone at the base of your big toe, the metatarsal bone. Prolonged pressure on this bone causes it to gradually shift. As a result of the shifting movement, a small knot or hump will typically form at the base of the bone, causing the foot to look deformed.

To add to the deformity, the growth at the base of the bump often causes the big toe to point away from the rest the toes. In addition to the physical deformity, bunions can also be painful. Making tasks like walking uncomfortable, affecting your quality of life.

Preventing Bunions

Since the leading cause for the development of bunions is ill fitting shoes. Knowing how to choose your shoes correctly is a great place to begin. First, ensure that your shoes are sized correctly. Never attempt to wear a shoe that is a smaller size than your normal size. It's also important to focus on the width of your shoes.

Shoes are typically available in specialty widths like narrow and wide. Even if you're wearing a shoe that is the correct size, if the width of your shoes is not sized correct, this can still place too much pressure on the sides of your feet. If you're wearing a narrow shoe and it feels uncomfortable, this is a good sign that you need a larger width. If wide shoes fit you uncomfortably, you might want to consider having your shoes specially designed to prevent bunions and protect your feet.


Treating bunions often comes down to the level of discomfort you're experiencing. For bunions that cause little or no pain, simply switching to more appropriately sized shoes is typically a sufficient option. However, for individuals who experience significant discomfort from their bunions, a surgical procedure is an alternative. Bunion surgery aims to correct the deformity by realigning your joints into proper placement.

Make sure you are treating your feet kindly to prevent a condition like bunions. Although you may overlook your feet, don't overlook how important a role they play in your mobility. If you feel that surgery is now required, contact a local professional, such as East Village Foot Center PC.