How Can You Better Deal With Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that affects the bottom part of your foot. It happens when the plantar fascia endures an injury or too much stress. There are many things that contribute to a persons increased chances of developing this condition, with some of those risk factors being obesity, having a stand-up job, spending a lot of time walking on hard surfaces like cement, wearing shoes without proper support and anything else that causes extra stress on your feet. If you find you do end up with plantar fasciitis then you will be interested in the information below that will help you feel better and inform you of some of the treatment options.

Take some time off

When you are affected by plantar fasciitis then any amount of time you spend on your feet during a flare-up will only make things worse. You should take a couple of days off so you can give your feet rest and cater to them. If you are unable to take time off, then you should try your best to stay off of them as much as possible. This means sitting when you would normally be standing and avoiding walking as much as possible.

Wear good shoes

When you are going to be leaving the house, you want to be sure you put on shoes with good arch support and that fit you correctly. When you are going around the house you should wear comfortable slippers or thick socks. When you are experiencing pain from plantar fasciitis, going around barefoot can make the pain worse.

Use cold therapy

When you are experiencing pain, cold therapy is a great way to treat it. You can freeze plastic water bottles and roll them under your feet for soothing relief. You can also freeze large marbles or golf balls. Use them under your feet for relief as well.

Massage and stretch in the morning

The pain from plantar fasciitis tends to hurt the most when you first wake up in the morning. You can make your day go much easier with regards to the pain you experience by giving your feet a nice massage and gently pulling your toes and heels in opposite directions to lightly stretch them.

This article will help you to take control over the pain of plantar fasciitis so that you will be able to feel better sooner and not suffer as much.