Benefits Of Using Custom Orthotics

If you are suffering from foot problems like arch pain, hammer toes, and bunions that restrict your movement, you should consider getting a custom foot orthotic. Custom orthotics, also termed prostheses, and splints are therapeutic tools designed to rectify foot dysfunctions and relieve foot aches. Here are the key benefits of using custom orthotics. Offer Support Postural foot complications like hollow feet can cause stress on your feet, resulting in sharp and lingering pain.

What Causes Heel Spurs And Treatments Your Foot Doctor Might Recommend To Reduce Your Pain

If you have heel pain, you might have a bone spur. Bone spurs aren't always painful, and there are other conditions that cause heel pain, so see a foot doctor for a diagnosis to confirm the presence of a bone spur. The spur can be seen on an X-ray as a small bony fragment made of calcium deposits that grows away from your heel bone. Here are things that cause bone spurs on your heel and treatments that might help the pain caused by this bony growth.